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About us

About UsIn the course of our 25+ years in business, we’ve seen many upswings and downturns. We continue to be involved in today's efforts relating to regulator-mandated portfolio valuation, assessment and restructuring.

April Smith & Associates is the oldest company of its kind nationwide.

April Smith has over three decades of multi-layered experience in the field of mortgage finance.  She founded the firm in 1988, and she continues to provide hands-on strategy and planning for both new and established clients.  She is an active speaker and educator to the industry.  April is a recognized authority on mortgage due diligence. 

April’s accomplishments and experience include:
  • Coordinated and completed pilot Freddie Mac PC swap.
  • Purchased and closed in excess of $3 billion in discounted residential and commercial merger loans.
  • Brought mid-size mortgage banking subsidiary from loss to profit status in one year.
  • Published articles in national trade publications on due diligence, quality control and ethics.
  • Developed and marketed a quality control manual and system for compliance with agency requirements.
  • Founded and developed April Smith & Associates into a nationally-known mortgage due diligence firm.
  • Elected to the Stonington, Connecticut Board of Education in November of 2001 and 2005.
  • Serves as Connecticut Justice of the Peace.